Monday, January 27, 2014

Lately: Pictured/Not pictured

Hello! How are you? I've missed you.
Here are a few things that we've been up to, both pictured and unpictured.

As you may have figured out from my most recent post, I spent the day with some bloggers this fall.
We hung out at New Pioneer Coop in Coralville. It was such a pleasure to have these wonderful people here, in my little town, seeing with new eyes the things I see every day. (xoxo Danelle and Ally)
I've written before about seeing my life from the outside. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am to have a store that is committed to healthy, natural, local foods. 
Three great bloggers: Michelle, Kelli, and Allie.

A gorgeous fall day in Iowa City. 

the Brown Bottle. A good end to a wonderful day.
On to the holidays. She helped pick out the tree.

Cookies with Great Grandma. 

Her maternal side has been out in full force lately. It sort of makes my ovaries hurt. She is working through her bed time and meal time routines a lot during play.
I made a few Christmas gifts.
Christmas. With my family
and at our house. The brown box holds this tangram.
New Year's Brunch. Best yet. I think I can finally make decent biscuits.
Beatrix Potter.
Stacking boxes. We never invested in a pink tower, but these boxes have done just fine. 
Not Pictured:
  • Night weaning. We are still nursing, but no longer nurse at night. It was not easy, but completely worth it. We talked about it for a long time before we started, only during the day, including reading a book called Nursies When the Sun Shines.  Once we started, I never looked back. Holding boundaries can be challenging, but children need to be reassured that parents are in charge and that everything will be fine. E's sleep has improved and our daytime nursing hasn't been affected. It has made it so much easier for her to spend a night away from us, which has been wonderful. 
  • Work. I have taken on extra responsibility at work. As a result I have been all the more engaged and involved, which has meant I feel more comfortable and productive. It is so painful for me to be away from my daughter, but feeling positive about work has made it so much easier.
  • Book club. I meet with a group of women each month to talk about books. I have enjoyed their companionship so much, and am looking forward to another year of reading and talking. 
  • Cooking. I have been cooking a lot but not photographing it. To be honest, it's a very different experience of eating. Taking photos of the cooking process is certainly an interruption, but it also gives time and space to appreciate the beauty and science of each step along the way. I miss it.
  • Instagram. I took the plunge, got an iPhone, and joined Instagram. I'm enjoying it! It's minimal time investment for social networking. If you're interested in following me, I'm xoaliciarose ( I try to include pictures of our day, the things I'm working on, and the things I find beautiful. Please share your instagram name in the comments. I'd love to follow you! 
  • Blog stuff. Believe it or not, I have some blog-related stuff in the works. Stay tuned, ok?
I miss you and hope you've been well. Are you staying warm? Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the coldest days. I'm not looking forward to it, but coffee and long underwear will help.

p.s. I apologize if the formatting and photos are crazy. Flickr isn't behaving like I normally expect it to, and technology isn't my forte. 
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