Thursday, July 11, 2013

Making and Doing

How the HECK are you out there?
Things have been so good here. Summer is in full swing, which means it's almost over, of course.  We have been keeping busy but leaving lots of room for unscheduled time to do whatever suits our fancy. The months of warm weather in Iowa seem so much shorter than those that are cold, and we can never seem to get enough of those days where you only come inside to eat.
Before I get to the pictures and things we've been doing, I want to mention one thing that I won't be doing anymore: Simple Lives Thursday. It just wasn't working for me anymore so I, along with Wardeh and Annette, decided to back away and let Diana carry the SLT torch. I am so incredibly thankful for my time as a host and wouldn't change it for the world, but it's time for a new phase.
We have been doing so many fun things recently.
Ellie loves sprinkling things (especially salt) so I thought it'd be fun to melt crayon shavings between wax paper. She mixed colors, I ironed and cut after they'd cooled. We put some of the big ones in the window and I made a garland from circles cut out of the rest.
We're thinking a lot about colors so there are rainbows all over the house these days.
Elle's bedroom gets the best afternoon light and these look so dreamy all lit up.
She also likes spraying (who doesn't?) so I made her her own spray bottle of vinegar cleaner and let her help clean. She cleans her own mirror in the kitchen and the bottom half of this one. The key was finding a spray bottle small enough for her to hold. 
She hung out with this puppy and cuteness ensued. 
More cuteness in Dad's shoes. Shoes and socks are a big interest right now. 
She took her first trip to the lake and liked it!
DSC04489 DSC04494
This happened. 
We celebrated America with cold beer, burgers, and backyard time.
I've started a little ritual of tea, candlelight, and work to do with my hands some nights of the week. It's so calming. I've started having a little evening tea with Eleanor, too. We drink chamomile, have a snack, and talk about our day right before bed. It's an effort to slow things down a bit.
Aside from doing, we've also managed to make quite a few interesting things since I stopped here last.
In the spirit of using my hands, I finally finished a little shrug I had been knitting for E. Just in time for summer! Hopefully it still fits this fall.  It was my first big kitting project so I was just happy to see that it had two arms.
And a back :)
Almost every weekend we make pancakes. Wet to dry, Ellie stirs.
I got her a small wooden spoon from Goodwill because the big ones are so unwieldy for her.
If I could have my way, I'd have a kitchen filled only with jadeite. 
I dug my old cast iron griddle out and have been using it a lot. It's less ideal than using it on a gas stove, but it still works far better than frying in a pan.
Scrambled eggs with fresh chives from the garden. 
Creamed kale and eggs over quinoa, on a special placemat. 
I am always looking for recipes that E can help with and my salmon cakes are a perfect fit. I prepped all the ingredients and she dumped and stirred.
That is mayonnaise on her face from tasting from the measuring cup, of course. 
I formed the patties and fried them up, and as usual, they were delicious.
I'm sorry that I don't have a recipe for you, but I'll see you again tomorrow with another post for the This Moment series. I'm trying to put out shorter posts so I don't go so long without blogging, but it's difficult.
How are things where you are? Thank you so much for sticking around. 


Stacy Duffy said...

I'm so glad to hear Ellie is able to help you so much in the kitchen. I find that it makes Judah more excited about eating the food too. This pancake recipe is our current favorite:

We made them for his grandma this weekend and she loved them. Can you tell us more about how you made the crayon rainbow? It sound like a great activity and it might be a good alternative for Judah from sprinkling the sugar in our sugar bowl. :)

Alicia said...

Hi Mama!!!!
Been thinking so much about you guys. Thanks for sharing that pancake recipe! We'll have to try it. We've never settled on one we really like so that's next up.

The crayon stuff was easy. I grated the crayon with the cheese grater (which hasn't quite come clean yet, by the way...) and made little piles for her.
I laid down a couple paper towels and one sheet of wax paper. She sprinkled on the wax paper (and I did the plain colored spots because I wanted to make the rainbow and she was only interested in mixing colors) and then covered it all with another piece of wax paper and a couple more paper towels. Then we just ironed it on a medium setting, taking care not to melt everything too much or it just turned murky purple. We let it solidify at room temperature and then cut freely with scissors. I made the garland with a needle and thread, that's it. I almost always run through Pinterest before starting stuff like this because there's usually a lot of good info out there.
Hope all is going great with your family of FOUR! Lucy is BEAUTIFUL.

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