Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Green Things Around the House and Link Love

First, a few links of things I think you might find interesting around the internet.

  • This local homeowner is being forced by the city to cut back his beautiful yard, to standards beyond those normally required of homeowners. I confess, I am one of the people who has left a note on his front porch. I love his yard and will be so sad to see it converted to grass. 
  • This list, 11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew, is great.
  • Lots of my friends are passing around this article about how pregnancy forever changes a woman's body, specifically as it relates to running.
  • Please read Kate's excellent post about pasture-based farms and MRSA (and send her labor vibes!)
  • Erin is a great photographer, mama, and writer. This post is an example of why I read her blog.
  • David Byrne said some pretty sweet things about Iowa.

I'm trying to get rid of clutter in my house. We're having a garage sale this weekend and I'm using the occasion to purge clothes I never wear, kitchen tools I never use, and books I'll never read again.
But there's one thing I continue to acquire and plan to do so indefinitely: plants. I can't get enough.
I recently divided a few of the root-bound plants that had been languishing since we bought the house. I put them into some pots I had sitting around and a few new ones that I got at the thrift store.
I painted the gold triangles on the terra cotta pot, and finally bought a jade plant.
I pulled this gladiolus from the front yard. They are so easy to grow and always impressive. It's sitting on the windowsill with the chicken planter from last week's This Moment.
I'm making a couple attempts at propagation, too. I grabbed this random vine from a planter at my parents' house and have it sitting in some water until it sprouts roots. 
I cured some succulent leaves for a couple days and am seeing what happens when I put them on top of some dirt (as shown here).
Lastly, a woman I love got married this weekend and kindly gave us some of the flowers that were leftover from the wedding. Cut flowers are an indulgence I almost never allow myself, so these make the house feel so special and remind me of the gorgeous celebration of their love.
One for Ellie's table.
And one for the big kitchen table.
Do you have any plants around the house right now? Or are you focused outdoors?  I'm hoping to bring in some of our herb garden after the season ends because it's thriving this year. Any tips for how to do this would be appreciated! 


Maicokid said...

So where you going to put those cuttings you removed from your mother's plants when you picked up Roz yesterday? I'm telling.

Tracy K. Pierce said...

Yay for getting rid of clutter! I wish we could have plants around the house - the cats eat them or knock them over. During the winter I have two in my office, which is closed off from the cats, but they stay outside during the nice weather. Hrm.

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