Thursday, April 4, 2013

Link Love and SLT

The next 48 hours of my life have been planned to the last minute and I'm still not sure I'll have time to get to everything. But things are looking up. The tulips are actually starting to come up. Even though the days have been starting out in the 30s, they've been ending in the 50s. Ellie has developed a love for the bike trailer, which means our summer will be full of bike adventures. And I'm having a pretty good hair day.
How are you?
Here are a few links that I've been reading:

This blogger wrote about slowing down, and the sacrifices that come with it. I feel a lot of what's in this post and written about some of it here.

If you want to boycott Monsanto, here's a list of companies to avoid.

A 15 year Australian study looking at the link between breastfeeding and child abuse. "CONCLUSION. Among other factors, breastfeeding may help to protect against maternally perpetrated child maltreatment, particularly child neglect. "

Speaking of breastfeeding, if you don't support public breastfeeding you don't support breastfeeding. We need to support ALL forms of breastfeeding, no "ifs". 

Life hacker helps us deal with self-doubt, something everyone struggles with.

Mannequins in Sweden that look a lot more like the average woman.

Cicadas!!! I can't wait. The gif of the cicada shedding its shell is a little disturbing though. When I was a small child, there was a tree in my neighborhood that they loved. I remember their shells raining down from its branches.

I kind of need one of Maggie's Whitman broadsides, but we're in a budget crunch. Buy one and send me pictures of it on your wall, ok? Soon there will be lilacs and they'll have to do. Maggie has been a huge influence on my life, especially when it comes to poetry.

Iowa City people, it's Mission Creek time

Finally, check out Simple Lives Thursday, which is filled to the brim with great links from around the web about consuming less and producing more. Have a look around and link up!

1. Lemon Coconut Ice Cream by Modern Alternative Kitchen. "The creamy sweetness of the coconut milk offset by the tartness of the lemon will keep your taste buds guessing in this delicious treat."
 2. Fudge Stars by The Distracted Housewife. "Oh, I do love these candies, if you want to call them that."
3. Testing Old Seeds for Viability by Learning and Yearning. "Perhaps you have some old packets of seed and are wondering if you may use them this year in your garden. Well, that depends."

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