Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring and Simple Lives

I'm on vacation. I don't want to complain because I haven't had to get up early, put real pants on, or deal with my office in a few days, but it has been a sort of rough break.  We're going through some stuff in my extended family that I can't talk about, but is taxing us all. E has been throwing up for the last two days at random times, so I feel housebound even though I have errands to run.  We've had snow and record lows all week.  
But there have been so many good things. Even though she's "sick", E seems to feel normal and is her chipper self between bouts of vomit, and she's even learned to throw up right into her little toilet. (So sad.)  She is potty training, entirely by her own direction, and doing a great job.   Even though it's been cold, the sun has been shining.  And for everything we've gone through as a family, we're able to laugh and be in the moment because we all recognize how much it heals us.  There have been times this week that I needed to use my relaxation techniques to keep from panicking, and I am so thankful to have them. 

I've been reading some great stuff on the web, too.

I love this post called I Was a Bad Mama Today. It very authentically takes the reader through the emotional roller-coaster of being a parent who cares. As Megan Nathanson said in this post about a tough day, "Although I do not wish to invite more experiences like this one, I do see that if we as mothers never failed, our children would never have the opportunity to learn about apology and forgiveness."

I've been using activated charcoal to whiten my teeth and it's working!

The next time I can't think of anything for dinner, I'm going to try this egg drop soup.  Maybe we'll have these bananas for dessert. 

My sweet friend and neighbor Karrey wrote about her pumping routine on her blog and gave a shoutout to my lactation cookies. Thanks, Karrey! Yay, boobs!

Lastly, do you read the Writer's Almanac?  I read it most days, but sometimes skip it.  My husband sent this one to me and called it funny but a bit sad.  I saw what he was saying, but I honestly find the poem to be hopeful. It's easy to find sadness and disappointment in finding that our expectations don't meet our reality, but true self reflection can lead to growth. I'm trying to be more honest with myself, and that means sometimes seeing myself as I truly am, not as I want to be.  This poem is good for this time in my life, and for this time of year. 

The Sometime Sportsman Greets the Spring
By John Updike

When winter's glaze is lifted from the greens,

And cups are freshly cut, and birdies sing,
Triumphantly the stifled golfer preens
In cleats and slacks once more, and checks his swing.

This year, he vows, his head will steady be,

His weight-shift smooth, his grip and stance ideal;
And so they are, until upon the tee
Befall the old contortions of the real.

So, too, the tennis-player, torpid from

Hibernal months of television sports,
Perfects his serve and feels his knees become
Sheer muscle in their unaccustomed shorts.

Right arm relaxed, the left controls the toss,

Which shall be high, so that the racket face
Shall at a certain angle sweep across
The floated sphere with gutty strings--an ace!

The mind's eye sees it all until upon

The courts of life the faulty way we played
In other summers rolls back with the sun.
Hope springs eternally, but spring hopes fade.

It's Simple Lives Thursday. Won't you have a look around?
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Anonymous said...
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Vegetarian Chef said...

Interesting idea with the charcoal for whitening the teeth. I'm not too much in experiments around my teeth but every second day I use a phenomenal tooth paste which really makes your teeth feel like after an intense cleaning at the doctor's. I'm not sure if you buy it in America, but you can try it. It's not a cheep one, it costs around 5€ here, which is much much more than a normal tooth paste costs but it's really worth its money. Have a nice day.

Tracy K. Pierce said...

Where are you getting your activated charcoal? Coop? Bulk section, capsules? Never heard of this one, will have to give it a try.

Hope you and the fam are feeling better soon!


Alicia said...

Chris, I will have to check that out! I love that feeling.
Tracy, I got a bunch in capsules at the health section of the coop. Way more than I'll need, so let's use it as an excuse to get together. You need to see Ellie!

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