Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grounded and SLT

Our home was built in 1946, which means none of the original outlets are grounded. We've slowly gone through the house and had grounded outlets put in, room by room.  That third little hole, connecting the current to the safety of the earth, is so important. 
Our lives feel a bit like chaos right now. I say 'feels like' because it's relative, and I know things could be much worse, but things are not as settled as they usually are.  I try to embrace times like this because I know they will soon pass and things will be quiet again, but some moments I feel dizzy, like the earth beneath my feet is moving when it once was so solid. (Or at least I thought it was.)
But I stick to my routines to keep things going. I get out of bed and put my feet onto the cold floor and go to work.  I dress, grind the coffee.  I do a load of laundry, even though there is so much more than usual to do because Ellie was sick for a full week and I've never changed more sheets in my life.  I push seeds into the dirt because it's March and I'm already behind.

I throw something, anything together for dinner and pack it for tomorrow's lunch.  
I put one foot in front of the other.
I nurse and rock her to sleep for her nap and hold her body for a minute after she falls asleep.
Somewhere in there, I remember to breathe. In the chaos, I have to come back to the breath to keep me here, grounded in the incredible gift that is the present.  I take a few moments to clear my mind and be quiet, making room for nothingness, when it feels like the whole world demands my attention.  I stop and look at her while she's sleeping and feel her peace. I remember feeling these heels inside my body. 
Often I fail. I stumble. The laundry stays in the washing machine overnight or sits unfolded in a basket for a day or two.  The dog doesn't get fed dinner until 9.  I forget to put wipes in the baby bag. I neglect to water the seedlings for two days.  I don't photograph a single thing that I cook, and blog posts don't go up when they're supposed to.
I know it's a part of my journey.  I am taking it in stride and showing up, doing what I can and forgiving myself for the rest.
Ellie has clean sheets, even if I don't. I still come here to write, even if it's short and late. The dog still gets fed and cuddled. And I still go to bed feeling so lucky. 
I just have to take a moment and find my ground again. 
How is your week going?  During the holidays, my husband looked at me and said, "I'd give anything for a boring week."  Do you ever feel that way?
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Stacy Duffy said...

What a wonderful thing, trying to remember to live in the moment. It is something we should all try to do, stress or no stress. I love the pictures of E. sleeping on the couch! What a precious moment you have captured.

Alicia said...

thank you as always for reading and helping me navigate this crazy adventure that is parenthood.

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