Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

In my last post, I told you that we were going to celebrate the countdown to Christmas by doing something together, either as a family or just the two of us, every night in December.
Since today is December 1st, I thought I'd share our list.  I wrote up 24 ideas that vary in cost (most are free) and level of commitment/preparation and we got a rough idea of the order we'll follow.
Here's our list:
1.  Drink wine and wrap gifts
2.  Play and sing a Christmas song
3.  Draw each other
4.  Salt dough ornaments
5.  Write haiku about each other
6.  Nog+ brandy (note that I wrote 'rum' and was corrected!)
7.  Get Chinese takeout and watch Charlie Brown Christmas or Nightmare Before Christmas or Rudolf
8.  Oranges+cloves
9.  Walk or drive to look at lights
10.  Night time at Hickory Hill
11.  Make a time capsule ornament for E
12.  Bake chocolate crinkle cookies
13.  Read a Christmas story book
14.  Write E a letter
15.  Pick out and buy our xmas ornament
16.  Drink hot cocoa
17.  Go out for a meal
18.  Share three things we love about each other
19.  Take a family photo
20.  Play a game of chess
21.  Put up Christmas decorations
22.  Share three favorite moments of 2012
23.  Take a donation to the Shelter or Crisis Center
24.  Call or video chat with grandparents

We had to take a walk tonight because the weather has been freakishly warm and we're dog sitting, so everyone was anxious to get outside.  Nursing+walking in a carrier is still a guaranteed quick bedtime around here.

After the baby went to sleep, we did #20, play a game of chess.  We played two, actually. I lost both, which should be a surprise to no one who knows my husband. He plays chess daily online but it's something we rarely do together.  It was so much fun to sit down and have a laugh, and I'm not quite as terrible as I remembered.
I hope we'll manage to get all 24 of these things done, and am looking forward to some time together during this crazy season that pulls us in all directions.
What are your favorite holiday traditions?  We're looking for inspiration as our family grows.


Liz @ Tip Top Shape said...

This is such a great idea! I actually have no idea how to play chess. I tried to learn it at one point when I was little, but I always preferred checkers. Much easier to grasp!

Alicia said...

Liz, I learned to play when I was very young, but unfortunately I don't think my play has improved since then!

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