Thursday, November 1, 2012

Orchard Visit and Pan Fried Apples + SLT

Last week we took the little one for her first visit to Wilson's apple orchard just outside of town.  We couldn't have picked a more beautiful day.

One of the best parts about living in Iowa is that views like this are never more than a few moments away.

She will grow up knowing these places.  Like I said in my last post, children connect with the outdoors on a very deep level, and I will do my best to keep her out there as much as I can.

Almost all the apples were already gone from the trees thanks to an early frost.
But we had fun touching the leaves and talking about them anyway.  (She has started hugging us recently. It might be the best thing ever.)
We had some apple turnovers and hot coffee. 
They were flaky and perfect. 
I had intended to make a pie because this is American dammit, but decided to do something nice and simple with some of the apples we bought.  We're still not comfortable giving Ellie raw apples (I'll talk more about how we feed her in a post very soon) so we had been roasting them.  We decided to simply pan fry some in just a little butter, honey, and cinnamon.  She loved them.
To prepare apples I always slice them in half and then use a melon baller to remove the core and seeds. It's so easy and fast.  If you're going to pan fry apples, be sure to use firm ones. 
I used 2 tbsp. butter for 2 apples over medium heat. 
Once the apples soften and the edges start to brown, add just a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 
These were soft on the edges but still had a little crunch in the middle, and the heat really brought out all their sweetness and flavor. 
We had them with some Salt Fork Farms eggs, maple sausage from the Stamps Family farm, and Wilson's apples.  That's a 100% local breakfast!

The little pumpkin celebrated Halloween by painting a pumpkin with her initial on it.  In a way this is her first real Halloween, but next year will be even more real
It's Thursday and that means it's time for Simple Lives! 

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