Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Toys We Love and Simple Lives

I was reading a parenting website recently (something I'm trying to do less and less of, honestly) when I saw this quote: "The more a toy does the less the child does" and I really appreciated the sentiment. Around here, we prefer open-ended simple toys that require imagination and creativity from our little one.  We are very lucky that E has always enjoyed playing on her own for extended periods of time and loves discovering new things.  I thought I'd share some of our favorite simple toys in the spirit of Simple Lives Thursday.  
I've posted before about two wood toys we really love, the teether from Schoolhouse Naturals

and blocks. 

 Elle has gotten very good at stacking the blocks!
Other wood toys we love right now include a big set of blocks in different shapes (like these) which I found used and revived with some homemade spoon butter.
I picked up these wooden spoons at farmer's market for our fifth wedding anniversary.  We use them all the time and the baby loves the way they feel.  She uses them with her play kitchen.  I use the spoon butter to maintain these, too.
Last Christmas my parents made a trip to Ikea and we requested this push cart for Ellie.  She loves it so much.  She was using it very well before she was a walker and now likes using it to carry things around and sometimes as a chair when she's feeling silly.
Playsilks. Man, where were these when I was a kid?!  They are so much fun.  Ellie was lucky enough to get two play silks for her birthday (including one with a wood teacher attached to three dyed silks!) and she has had so much fun playing with them.  Two of her favorite activities are wrapping things around her neck (seriously) and putting cloth over her face and running around the house. Both of these things are considerably safer with the silks.  

This rainbow silk is from Sarah's Silks.
We've been slowly introducing Montessori-style 'work' into Ellie's play routine.  Her favorites are these two:  a cheese shaker with toothpicks that she has to insert into the little holes
And craft boxes that require matching and getting lids on. This was too complicated for her so she has just been doing one box at a time.
My husband and I are both major music lovers so Elle has more instruments than I can count.  Her favorite is her little wooden piano.  (Again, she's learned that sitting on it is pretty fun, too.)
Finally, the outdoors.  This girl has never ever been bored when I let her sit outside. She is in love with plants, just like her mama.  Being in the fresh air is so calming to children.  We just roll out a blanket and stare at everything we can see. I can't wait until we can take long walks around the block and collect treasures.
What are your favorite toys from your childhood or for your little ones? I'd love some more inspiration.
I should note that we rotate Ellie's toys so she never has too many at once.  It works great for us because she gets bored with toys less quickly and is very happy to see her old friends return.

Finally, it's Simple Lives Thursday!  Check it out and link up!  **PLEASE be sure to link back to my blog when you add your post!***

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