Monday, September 3, 2012


Some good friends visited from far away (and shared some healthy skepticism about the mirror book)
I processed more tomatoes than I care to count.

For our 5th anniversary, I bought my husband a pen and pencil set made of local wood, and these wood spreaders for the kitchen.  I love them.  This is the first year I've kept with the yearly anniversary theme and will keep it up when I can.
We've picked lots of ground cherries from the backyard.  The baby starts panting as soon as she sees the yellow husk.

 I tasted one of these. Beautiful, but bland.
 I continue to be compulsive about making a big breakfast on the weekend. Eric's eggs make it all the better.
 I've been cooking other people's recipes. This honey mustard salmon recipe came from Martha Stewart Everyday Food but it was just ok.
 I also used their recipe for a basil lime sauce to serve over store-bought ravioli.
 It was so fresh tasting.
 With raw tomatoes from our Hue Hill CSA.
 Easy and fast.

 Everybody liked it.
I made this fragrant bouquet from backyard flowers. It only lasted for a couple days, but the color and smell of fresh flowers always perks up my mood.

 We had my parents over for dinner and made BLTs with herilooms from market.
We spread a little avocado aioli on the sandwiches, and by the end of dinner, everyone was licking the bowl.  Vegenaise is the secret!
 A sweet friend dropped of a bunch of apples from her tree, so this tool has gotten a lot of use.  (Ellie finds it fascinating.) I'll tell you about what I've done with the apples soon.
And I made a farm visit that I can't wait to tell you more about.  I wrote about Salt Fork Farms for the Field to Family blog, which you can read here.  I plan to do a much more extensive and personal post here soon, but here's just a taste.

Hope you're enjoying the last moments of the long weekend.


Sweet and Savory Eats said...

Oh my, I absolutely LOVE avocado on my BLTs as well - it makes it!

Eve Menzel said...

It all looks so delicious! I have to get better about meal planning. Some how the weekends go so fast and I'm not a competent enough cook to think of quick things to fix each night. Do you plan or just wing it and work with what you have on hand?

Alicia said...

Ally, it's pretty much required now!
My dad took a spoonful and said "oh well that's just TERRIBLE" and hoarded the rest. :)

Eve, I do my best but slip up often. We plan as much as we can by looking through the fridge on Saturday and shopping for most of the stuff at market or on Sunday. I wrote a lot of my tips here:

I am thinking about doing a monthly freezer meal cooking thing. Would you like to join us sometime? My sister has talked about being interested, too.

eve said...

I might be. I think I just need to plan on Sunday. Sadly, we have so much food at home. It is horrible when we throw things out. I will read the link you posted! Thanks!

Alicia said...

Throwing out food makes me feel so terrible!
We could think about doing some swapping of food if we get together to cook. I'll let you know if I put anything together soon. It'd probably be easier for you to do it out there, right? I'd hate to ask you to host...
Also, I ate 4 of your eggs hard(ish) boiled with spicy salt yesterday and they were incredible.

eve said...

We are still working on how to put a commercial kitchen on our property. Once we do that, I would be more than happy to have people over to can/cook/bake, you name it!

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