Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday and our Giveaway Winner

We had a fantastic Saturday.  One wonderful bonus with having a young child is that they force you to get up early every day.  Once you resign yourself to getting out of bed (and make coffee) the morning becomes a time of relaxed play when the rest of the world is quiet. I don't know about other babies, but Ellie is happiest first thing in the morning.
We woke up at that same time we do on weekdays and got a little breakfast and coffee going. We set out to garage sales around the neighborhood and got a few great books for Ellie.  She won't be able to enjoy them until she's older, but we were pretty excited to get them.  We gravitate toward books about music, art, and nature, and found these great titles:
ABCedar, an alphabet book about trees.
Children Just Like Me, a DK book profiling children around the world.
Yep, this kiddo is a novice monk.
 Story of the Orchestra, a book all about the history of music with clips throughout.
 And details about the specifics of classical music.
We also found this book, called Discover Great Paintings, filled with famous paintings for children to examine.
 Finally, this great book with a poem by Maya Angelou and paintings by Basquiat called Life Doesn't Frighten Me.
After the garage sales, we headed to farmer's market. Ellie fell asleep in the Boba while we walked around and stayed asleep until we went to the library.  After picking up a few books (thisthis, and this)  we grabbed thai food for lunch (Ellie ate tons of my wheat gluten in garlic and pepper sauce) and then headed home.
We had a lazy afternoon and decided it was time to select our winner for the giveaway!  I wrote all the entrants down on paper
 And let E pick.
 Playing around in the bowl was pretty fun. Paper is forbidden around here.
 She grabbed a handful
 And then narrowed it down to just one.
 The winner is Jade from the Mess Pot, who may or may not have a baby at the moment.  Congratulations, Jade, and look out for an email.
 To the rest of you who commented, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Sorry you didn't win, Dad. Maybe next time?  
And if you need some cookies or granola of your own, check out my Etsy or if you're local, the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative. 
Happy Weekend!

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