Monday, May 28, 2012

Lately, and a Kale Smoothie for Baby

Mother's Day.
(Mimosas and a sippy cup. This is parenting.)
Measuring cups are her favorite right now.
We spent the day in the yard, lounging and planting.
My mother gave me this hydrangea last year when I was pregnant. Here's E and me with it this year. It has since bloomed, still blue, and we'll take a picture here every Mother's Day. (Please ignore the giant weeds behind it.)
We hung out in the back yard while he tilled.
Radishes, baguette, butter, and fleur de sel.

The first sign that it's surely spring.
Especially when eaten with dirty hands.
I love this place.
I wait all year for this day.
When I can fill a blue mason jar with fragrant pink and white peonies.
The Iowa Valley Food Cooperative had a big open house with vendors, samples, and fun. About 10 minutes after I took this photo, the room was swarming and people could barely turn around.
Lots of granola was eaten.
We picked up our first CSA share of the year. Rhubarb! Walking onions!
More digging in the back.
I made my first batch of kefir, which I'll tell you all about soon. I used it to make some delicious smoothies.
 Baby girl wanted in on the smoothie action, so I made her one of her own using expressed breast milk, backyard raspberries, a little banana, steamed kale, and a couple ice cubes.
 I used 2 oz. of breast milk, 1 inch of banana, 2 raspberries, and just a leaf or so of kale. Be sure the kale is very well steamed so it blends up nicely.

 She was into it.
 Like, really into it. We're working on our cup skills! (How are babies so good at making their necks disappear in photos?)  She ate around half the glass and really enjoyed it.
 We had a great grilled dinner last night with Grass Run Farm's hot dogs and ground wagyu beef from Bailey American Wagyu via the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative.  Both were incredible.  We also had some asparagus from Echollective, which E loved.
Maytag blue on top with bacon from Rehberg's pork and our quick pickled shallots.
How have your days been lately? It sure feels like summer. I've been cooking lots and can't wait to share more with you, including everything I've learned about fermenting kefir and kombucha! More on that soon.

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