Sunday, March 25, 2012


Began with tea.
 And bacon.

 For a sweet potato hash.
 Sweet potatoes fried in bacon grease.
 Ditto some onions.
 Followed by fried eggs from Walnut Ridge Farms.
Pepper bacon from Green's Organics.
A quick three miles to break in our new jogging stroller, and baby girl chatting the whole way.
Showered and in flip flops and jammies by 3:30.
Unearthed parts of the front yard garden.  The sorrel is up.
 The bulbs we planted the day before baby girl was born have come up.
 More tulips, everywhere.
 And bleeding hearts.
 Sunshine and blossoms everywhere.

The forsythia are turning to green. 
Discovered some walking onions growing in the compost heap.
Last year's kale is up, too.

Fought some overgrown raspberries.
 And won.
 Lilacs are coming up.
 Spent some time with these two, soaking it all in.
 Sipped some green apple cider.
 Prepared some breastmilk to donate to a local mama.
 Buffalo chicken salad for dinner.
And a visit from the brother.
Aren't they cute?
If tomorrow weren't Monday, today would have been perfect.  Regardless, it was a pretty great one.  I hope your Sunday was wonderful!


Jen said...

Wow you got a lot done! My daffodils are just peeking through but that's it. Calgary just issued a snow warning, sigh

Kier said...

Looks like a wildly productive day! And a great one to be outside. We spent most of the day deep cleaning the basement, but tackled some yard work as well - need to do more of that ASAP!

Alicia Ambler said...

Jen, we're all holding our breath in the hopes that it doesn't freeze again. The fruit trees are out and we'd lose everything if we get a hard freeze! Are you experiencing such radical temperature shifts up there as we are here? I feel like I'm relearning the seasons.

1) the new blogger pic is fabulous
2) Spring cleaning is necessary indoors and out, I just happen to be addicted to one and totally adverse to the other. Do my basement next?

Carrie said...

You forgot: "video chatted with two of the coolest kids around."

Next time, we need to take pictures!

Alicia Ambler said...

Carrie, you are so right! I meant to take a screen shot of you making raspberries and John rolling his eyes. Next time!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Alicia! It's been a while~ This is Kyunghee from Korea! Your baby girl exactly looks like her daddy! She's big now and so lovely~! You, couple are caring her well.

Thanks for the photographs and they are all wonderful!

God bless you!

Alicia said...

I miss you so much.
Thank you for your sweet comment. Ellie loves the blanket you sent her long before we ever knew too much about her. We had a photographer take pictures during my pregnancy and this is one of the most important ones to me:
Please keep in touch!

Anonymous said...


I almost cried to see the picture. It's so touching that you cherish the small gift. You're so precious to me.
I'll keep praying for your family.

Take care, Alicia!


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