Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crash Hot Potatoes and Simple Lives Thursday

It's Thursday! That means it's almost Friday!  This means everyone I know is happy, especially since the weather has warmed up and spring is palpable. 
I have a really quick dish to share with you today form none other than the Pioneer Woman.  I'm not particularly a fan of her blog or cooking style, but this dish exploded on to the scene when she introduced it for good reason.  It's easy, fast, and tasty.  
I canned some potatoes last year and thought this would be a great way to use them.  

slightly modified from the Pioneer Woman 
olive oil
salt and pepper
 Start with b-sized potatoes.  Boil them in salty water until they're cooked through.  I started with my canned potatoes, which are fully cooked.  Put your potatoes out on an oiled sheet pan.
 Use a potato masher to crush them.  Mash the potatoes in one direction, and then rotate the masher 90 degrees and mash again.
 They might fall apart a bit at the edges, but that's no big deal.
Brush the tops of the potatoes generously with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and dried chives, or the herb of your choice.
 Feel free to use seasoned or any other flavored salt you like.
 Roast at 450 for 20-25 minutes.  The edges will turn golden brown and the skin will be crispy.
Have you ever tried a Pioneer Woman dish? Normally they're like this, but I love this one because it's simple, easy, and makes potatoes irresistible.  
Today is Thursday! That means it's time for Simple Lives blog hop.  Check out last week's featured posts and contribute your posts at the link below!  
Also, if you enjoyed the feature about rescuing cast iron that we featured recently, check out this post from the Kitchen Devil about a different approach with pretty impressive results.

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Tip Top Shape said...

I was hoping these were what crash potatoes were!! Looks delicious!

Alicia Ambler said...

So good and very easy, give 'em a try!

Kitchen Devil said...

Great idea and they look so great. On German TV they said we should not eat the potatoes skin because of the glycoalkaloids which could be toxic. Wikipedia says (when you read the article "Potato") that temperatures over 170°C (340°F) destroy the toxics. You wrote you cooked it at 450°F so it seems to be OK - or maybe you've got other potatoes in the States. But I was always afraid of eating potatoes with the skin - it's something my mom and grandma always told me not to do when I was a child.

Alicia Ambler said...

Kitchen Devil, that is hilarious to me because my mother always FORCED me to eat the skins! One of course should not eat raw potatoes, for the reason you listed, but I always eat them with the skins on for the nutrition (and the convenience!)
I think you'll find these skins to be just delicious. Crispy and salty.

Kitchen Devil said...

You are right, it's really hilarious! We used to compost the skins in our garden! And it will be more hilariuos when I tell you a story my grandma told me "1945 during the war and when the Sowiets came, we HAD TO COOK EVEN potato skins". So it looks like it's a little bit of extravagance in my family not to eat the skins ;)

For peeling I use this gadget: which allows me to peel 4 lbs of potatoes in 10 minutes ;) - great thing.

Carrie said...

I made these last night! I don't think I used enough olive oil, but other than that, they were excellent. I threw some garlic on there, because, well, I could eat garlic on everything. Yummmm.

Kim @ Spoonful of Sass said...

I have just started breaking out my potato masher recently. So happy to have found another way to use it! Looks delicious!!

Alicia Ambler said...

Kim, mine is one of the most-used tools in my kitchen, and the best ones are this old style that you can always find at a garage sale for nothin'.

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