Monday, November 28, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Easy Supper: Grilled Cheese with Apples and Tomato Soup

I hope this post finds you enjoying the return to normal life after a long weekend full of gluttony
I can't lie; Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Other than signaling the full swing into Christmas season (cookies!) Thanksgiving ranks among my favorites for being a holiday based around cooking, eating, family, and gratitude.  (Have you ever seen this wonderful blog?)   
At this year's get-together, there were two adorable babies, one being miss Eleanor in her special outfit.
 (You get bonus points if you recognize the blanket she's on.)
The official day had an abundance of great food, including Mom's homemade rolls and this gratin that I made using celery root and apples.  (It was delicious.)
 The night before we had a friends-giving where a friend roasted a turkey and we brought dessert.  I'm wearing little Ellie who was a champ and slept through dinner.
Like so many of you, we were totally fed up with rich food, so tonight the husband and I dined on grilled cheese and tomato soup.  We made it our way, though, with tomatoes from the garden, local garlic and onions, potato bread from the Coop, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and local apples.  It came together in 15 minutes (we used this basic recipe but didn't add any dairy.) and was exactly what we wanted.
The first taste of tomatoes from the garden helped ease the pain of returning to work. Today was my first day back and I've missed her like crazy, so now I'm going to go cuddle her to sleep.
Speaking of whom, Ellie has discovered her tongue.

How was your Thanksgiving?  See you Thursday!

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