Thursday, October 27, 2011

28, Homemade Baby Wipes, and Simple Lives Thursday

Today, I turn 28 years old.
Last year on my birthday I posted about starting my business, Rosie's Best.  Sitting down to write that post, I realized that I'd managed to do something really big every year for the past few, starting with getting my MA and getting married in 2007, buying a home in 2008, adopting my dog in 2009, and then starting Rosie's Best in 2010.
As you know, my life has not exactly slowed down, and 2011 is the year that I became a mother.
One of these years, I'm going to take a break.
Easier said than done, right?  I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it off, because I'm just having too much fun squeezing this much into this short life.

One thing that I was advised *not* to do, in the interest of making my life simpler, was to cloth diaper my baby for the first month of her life.  Everyone told me I'd be in a total fog and wouldn't have any interest or patience for dealing with cloth diapers at this hectic time.  I'm glad I ignored this advice, went with my gut, and bought a handful of Green Mountain prefolds and Thirsties covers  and got started once the meconium had passed.  It has been much easier than I thought it might be, and we've saved a ton of money and trips to the grocery store (not to mention garbage!) since Ellie has a habit of dirtying a diaper moments after I put it on her.

We had been using regular wipes, but after buying our fourth package in less than a month, I decided it was time to try making my own cloth wipes.  
Luckily I had just inherited a serger, which made the whole process faster and easier.  (You can still do this with a regular sewing machine, just use a zig-zag stitch.)  

 I just used a regular wipe as my pattern and cut two pieces for each wipe out of old t-shirts.  You can use darker colors if you're worried about stains, but sun bleaching really works for cloth diapers and wipes. I just serged around each edge.

I think I sewed around 20 for our regular stash.

 Then I figured out how to fold the so the come out of the dispenser like regular wipes.
Start like so, with one wipe half overlapping another on the long side.

 Fold one up half way.
 Place another wipe on top.
 Repeat until you come to the top of the stack.
 Next you'll have to make a wipe solution.  You could easily just use plain water, but most people add a little soap to help it clean better and something to make the wipes softer on babies skin.  Most people use oils for the latter purpose, but since I'm using cloth diapers I wanted to avoid adding oils since they make the diapers less absorbent.  So I used warm water that I boiled and then cooled, a squirt of glycerin, and a squirt of her baby soap from California Baby.  I soaked the stack of wipes and then squeezed out most of the extra liquid, reserving it in a bottle to put on them after I wash.  (You should plan to make new solution every week or so, and keep an eye on your wet wipes for any mold or bad smell.  Alternatively you could keep the wipes dry and just wet them before use.)
Here's a great list of lots of different solution recipes.
We used the same old wipe container and are loving it.
These wipes smell better, cost next to nothing, and go right in the wash with our cloth diapers.
Finally, it's Simple Lives Thursday!  As usual, there are a bunch of great posts in the spirit of consuming less and producing more.  Won't you have a look around and consider sharing  a post?

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Linda said...

You look radiant! And Happy belated birthday. I didn't realize we were born so close (but in different decades!). Mine was the 28th.

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