Thursday, September 1, 2011

Iowa Valley Food Cooperative How-To and Simple Lives Thursday

Today the shopping cart for the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative opened for the month of September!
This month marks our BIG opening and in its honor I'd like to walk you through how to order and encourage you to give it a try.
If you're interested in learning more about the producers before signing up, check out this page by clicking the image or this link

Once you've gone to the website and paid your consumer member fee ($25 for the first year and $10 each year after that) you can go to the main page.
Click on the member login on the upper right side and enter your username and password.

From the welcome screen, click on the products listing in whichever you'd like to view them.  I always look by category.
Which brings up this screen:

Choose the category you'd like to order from to see all the products offered.  If you click on granola you'll see the following listings from Rosie's Best.

Simply add any of the products to your cart.  When you check your shopping cart you can update quantities and add as many units of each product as you'd like.
You're free to move things in and out of your cart until it closes near the end of the month.  For September this date is the 16th.
You can choose to pay for your order by Paypal or by check.  All your items can be picked up at First Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids on distribution day, which is September 21st this month. 
It's that easy!  On distribution day, lovely people like these will help you find your purchases and send you off happy.
So head over to the website and check out the Cooperative, and feel free to comment here or email me if you have any questions.  

And since it's Thursday, check out the Featured Posts from last week and all of this week's goodies under the jump!

Featured Posts from Last Week's Submissions

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Here are our picks from last week's submissions. Thanks to all who participated -- it is always hard to choose!

1. In Which We Stockpile Hope by Auburn Meadow Farm. This brilliant method of straining then freezing tomato puree saves both time and energy.

2. Meet Mary & Starr -- And Creating a Food Oasis by Sustainable Eats. It's been a joy to be a part of Annette's journey from an urban homesteader to a homesteader.

3. Heirlooms: A Simple Explanation by life in green. The average joe -- and maybe not even the average gardener -- really knows how many heirloom varieties exist (thousands at one time) and perhaps maybe don’t even know what an “heirloom” actually is other than often having a distinct color or shape and unusual name.

4. Cooking in a Dutch Oven by Crazy Country Mama. Dutch ovens are one of those nostalgic pieces of history that we all yearn to master. This blogger shows you how -- and look at that cool fire ring!

5. An Endless Supply of Clean Diapers by Tiny Green Elephants. An inspiring introduction to cloth diapering. Who knew cloth diapers could be so lovely?

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