Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple Lives Thursday

On Tuesday, the other hosts of Simple Lives and I held a twitter chat with some of our contiributers to this blog hop.  It was tons of fun to get feedback about the hop and I have discovered a lot of new and interesting bloggers as a result.
If you'd like, you can browse the chat here.
In case you've never done a twitter chat, note that the responses are in time order from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom.  Everything is connected by the hashtag #simplelives.  We asked participants to answer questions and selected some respondents to win prizes, including some Rosie's Best granola.
Topics in the chat ranged from gardening to cooking to preservation.  I learned that it's totally ok to dry cloth diapers in part shade (I'll share more about this adventure with you soon!) and shared my post about garlic scapes since everyone is always at a loss as to what to do with them.  People discussed natural remedies for poison ivy, their favorite new habits and recipes learned from the hop, and tips for people just starting out in this whole real food adventure.  If you're interested in these topics, check out the chat record and the posts every week for more information.
The husband is off work and we're trying to make the most of this teeny tiny break before the baby gets here (did you realize that I'm 30 weeks tomorrow?! Insane!) so I've got a picnic to pack.
Check out our favorite posts from last week and all the exciting links for this week's hop below and after the jump!

Featured Posts from Last Week's Submissions

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1. Harvesting Native Pennycress by Tools for Kitchens.
How to pennycress seeds for culinary uses which the author compares to bold garlicky spices in salami. Fantastic information!
2. Herbal Tea, Infusion, Decoction by THE WOODWIFE'S JOURNAL.
It’s so simple to grow herbal teas in your garden and saves on packaging and transportation over tea bags from a store. You can personalize it to suit your mood and ailment. Woodwife shows you just how simple it can be.
3. An Herbal Experience by Peaceful Acres Farm.
A great homemade shampoo recipe for dry curly hair.
4. Cooking for Beginners: GARLIC by Ruth's Real Food.
A real food kitchen begins with garlic!
5. For the Love of Horns and Hooves: Part 1 by Got Goats.
A heartwarming journey to farming begins.


Willa said...

Fun to see you in person and a new blog post all in one day!

juliecache said...

The twitter was super-fun for me! I enjoyed meeting you. Blessings to you.

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