Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stuff You Should Read/Watch/Listen to, and Simple Lives Thursday

Being a part-time baker, I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts in the kitchen doing repetitive work.  Being a person on twitter, I come across a bunch of great links and stories that I read every day.  Today, I'd like to share some stuff I've recently come along so that you can learn a little, and even have some fun.


Good Food: Keeping Kosher; Mother's Day; Rosé; Staph in Meat
If you aren't already listening to Good Food on KCRW, you should be.  This particular episode talked about a lot of interesting topics, but I think you'll especially find the details regarding drug resistant staph in meat worth listening to.  Here's an article in the LA Times that says more on the topic.

Good Food: The Tomato; Hunger in America; Beef Tendon
As soon as I heard this episode, I knew I had to share the link with you here.  The first two stories in this podcast are very informative and deserve your attention.  The story on hunger in America highlights the fact that while we think of hunger as a third world problem, something like 1 in every 4 American children suffers from food insecurity.  The guest does an excellent job illuminating the issues at play in getting the abundant food and aid to those who need it.
But if you listen to nothing else that I recommend to you today, please make a point to listen to Barry Estabrook talk about the tomato industry in Florida.  His most recent book, Tomatoland,  is the perfect example of how a food, when subjected to modern agriculture, can become dangerous and destructive.  He discusses how tomatoes ended up in Florida, where they should never have been grown in the first place, and what that has done to the way the must be grown.  He also talks at great length about the negative effects on the farm workers who harvest these tomatoes, including pregnant women who were exposed to methyl iodiode, which you may have heard about as relates to strawberries.  (Article here)  A  must-listen.

Dan Barber on Being  
Kirsta Tippett just has that perfect voice for a radio, and Being can be a totally engrossing start to your Sunday mornings.  This episode features a great talk with Chef Dan Barber who discusses agriculture, nutrition, and ethics.  What I love about this episode is the positivity that resonates from his message.  It's old, but the details still ring true.

Marketplace: Rob Schmitz's Series on Chinese Education

This one isn't food related, but you might find it interesting.  I work in higher education, and the majority of my students come from China.  We've been listening to these podcasts together, and most of the wholeheartedly agree with the author's assessments about China, its education system, and the implications for industry.


My Potato Project:  On the Importance of "Organic"
Watch this cute little girl teach you something about Bud Nip and the difference between an organic sweet potato from the grocery store and a locally grown sweet potato. 

Read this article about the Farmer Fair here in Iowa City that made it all the way to Jamie Oliver's website!
Farmer Fairs Get Iowa City Pupils Excited About Greens
And if you want to know a little more about that nice looking bearded guy on the far right, check out this profile of Scott Koepke, a founding member of the Iowa Valley Food Cooperative

Finally, check out all the Simple Lives Thursday stuff under the jump!

Featured Posts from Last Week's Submissions

The posts from last week that really caught our eyes are... (thanks everyone for the great submissions, as always!)

1. How to Remove Hard Water Buildup From Faucets and Waterheads by Common Sense Homesteading.
Very practical and something everyone has in the cupboard already.


2. 30 Steps to Self-Sufficiency by a GOOD and SIMPLE life.
What does self-sufficiency mean to you? Here are 30 steps that can be taken toward self-sufficiency.


3. Soapmaking 101 by Homemade Alaska.
For those of you that have ever thought about making your own soap!


4. Blueberry Kefir Soda by Hecka-Good Recipes.
An incredibly gorgeous flavor idea for water kefir -- the probiotic, natural alternative to soda. Anyone else ready to guzzle?


5. 16 Ways to Use Your Whey by the Prairie Homestead.
Great ideas on what to do with all your extra whey!


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