Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Updates and Simple Lives Thursday #50

Happy Thursday everybody! This one is especially good for a few reasons, the first of which is the exciting progress toward the long weekend. I'm double eready for Friday because July 4th weekend in Iowa City means one thing: Jazz Fest. Once again, bands will fill the streets with every style of jazz for the whole weekend, and food vendors will sell $4 lemonades-of-desperation and foods on sticks. The weekends in summer always bring out the babies and dogs of Iowa City, and Jazz Fest brings out the most closeted of dancers. I'll be downtown soaking up the best of it and will do my best to take some pictures to share with you.
The other reason this Thursday is so exciting is the fact that this marks our 50th week hosting Simple Lives Thursday. Almost a year ago, Diana asked me if I'd be interested in hosting a weekly blog hop that asks posters to share their tips for living a more frugal lifestyle. The contributors have wowed us each week, and I have learned so much from them. To celebrate you all, we're planning some exciting stuff for our big anniversary, including a Twitter chat and some great giveaways. Stay tuned for more details, but in the mean time, you can start following us on Twitter:

And of course, you should submit to this week's hop. First I'm going to share some photos from my garden and the featured posts from last week, and the linky for this week will appear after the jump.

A little while ago, I showed you how to plant tomatoes in a 5 gallon bucket. I thought you might like to see how ours have come along since then. They're doing quite well! We had far too much rain this spring but things have dried up and these plants are all very happy and heathy.

This tomatillo is doing well, and so are the little lettuce seedlings below it.  
Somebody has been eating the kale.  It's some kind of bug, as you can tell by the pattern on the leaves.  I'm considering a soap spray.  Any experiences?
But the lettuce is still thriving.
The green beans are climbing high.
 And the so are the cucmbers.
All of a sudden the raspberries are in!  I picked a handful, which I mentioned on my facebook page, and got approximately one mosquito bite for each berry.  It was worth it.  Tonight I'm going out in long sleeves covered in Badger Balm, despite the fact that it's around 98 and humid out there.
Finally, we've got a little purslane doing its thing near the edge of the back bed.  I wrote a bit about foraging before, which you can read here.
Now that you've seen what my garden has been up to, check out last week's featured posts!

Featured Posts from Last Week's Submissions
The posts from last week that really caught our eyes are... (thanks everyone for the great submissions, as always!)

1. A Pallet Turned Herb Garden With Video by Seattle Seedling.
So simple and great for those who have small backyards and it's another way to repurpose a pallet.

2. For the Love of Coriander by Urban Homestead South Africa.
Wendy, blogging from South Africa, shares her love of coriander-cilantro along with a delicious peanut butter chicken dish.

3. Sprouting by Simply Loving Home.
We love this idea especially for micro-greens during the Winter time.

4. GrowinKitchen At Bandung Berkebun by GrowinKitchen.
A lack of yard didn’t defeat this determined gardener. She found a community garden where she could pursue her dream of a kitchen garden.
5. Chamomile For Swelling by Home Shalom.
This blogger demonstrates the medicinal properties of chamomile. Quite Amazing!!

This week's linky is behind the jump, so click:

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Kierstan said...

My husband and I are heading up to IC tomorrow to dine at Shorts and go to the first night of Jazz Fest. Excited!

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