Thursday, March 24, 2011

Favorite Posts from the Web Last Week, and SLT

Once a week, some of the best information about homesteading and conservation come to me, rather than the other way around.  Normally I follow blogs whose authors I connect with on some level, be it their writing style, photography, or taste in food.  What I love about Simple Lives Thursday is that it unites otherwise disparate bloggers around the central idea of consuming less and producing more.  I've discovered some great blogs through it, and even more posts that I've returned to and used over and over.  Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite posts from last week in the hopes that you'll check them out, and consider contributing and checking out even more great posts this week.  (Note: all photos are property of the blog linked to by the description.)

Caring for Animals:
On Riddle Love, see this little kid all growed up, and hear the author's thoughts on eating him in the future.
Gardening and Preserving:

Sense of Home offers this smart reflection on canning, looking back on last year's successes and failures.  It's the perfect time to be thinking about what you do and don't want to put up this year, and there are some great ideas in that post.  (Blackberries in Framboise?! yes please!)

On Today's Menu, a great reminder/discussion about soil testing.  It is SO important for every gardener to know what they're working with, and testing is very reasonably priced. Once you know what you're working with, you can effectively amend your soil and meet your plants' needs.
This sweet potato bark from Restoring Simplicity is so smart, healthy, and portable.  I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before, and it gives me tons of ideas for future experiments.

Use up that stale bread with this recipe for Lemon Pudding from Mom's Sunday Cafe.

You can make these broccoli cheese bites from The Nourishing Homemaker in huge batches, freeze, and then bake up just what you need.  She made this recipe for her kids, but I think it's a great way to get grown-ups to get green veggies, too.

Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake Minis from Extreme Personal Measures.  I don't need to say more.

Sadly, the cold is returning this week in Iowa, and this ginger, clove, and cinnamon milk with honey from Grow in Kitchen sounds like the perfect thing to curl up to until the weather warms back up.
Make it Yourself

Frugal By Choice details a process I've adopted, making your own peanut butter, and she even breaks down the cost for you.  (There's a cute picture of her kiddo, too.)

Girl's Guide to Butter does crockpot yogurt.  So smart, so easy.


My sweet friend Lindsey (she gave me this awesome cutting board!) started this great new blog, Little Blog on the Prairie, and tells about her homemade medicine cabinet's most used items.

The Woodwife's Journal wrote an excellent, information-packed post about herbal remedies, including how to make your own balms and salves.  Lots of details and great advice in that post!


If you are interested in the documentary No Impact Man, about a small family of three trying to live off the grid in NYC, you can now watch the whole thing for free at Permaculture Media and access a viewing guide.
I'm afraid to read this book, Growing a Farmer, because this quick review from Suited to the Seasons makes me think it'll convince me I can totally quit my job and become a full time farmer.  Sounds like a great read none the less.

This post links to a free PDF download on Urban Dwellers DIY from Hella Delicious, and it has some great tips from using soap nuts to making your own toothpaste.

This quick-knit cozy slipper pattern from Pebble Crossing looks easy and so warm.

I hope this post gave you an idea about the amazing posters contributing each week.  Won't you have a look and consider joining us this week?

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Well, thank you, Alicia! I hope the ginger milk can help you through the (current) weather of Iowa.. :)

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