Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Sammich for Busy Nights

Hey everybody!

How are you?

I'm feeling a little more relaxed these days, and it's good.  Things with the business are chugging right along, but since completing my Master Gardener training I have reclaimed some personal time, which has significantly improved my attitude.

In the spirit of personal time, I'm going to make this post short and sweet.  I've been busy every night recently but have still managed to throw together whole foods most nights.  Some evenings that has meant a bowl of beans, salsa, and cheese with some kind of bread or chips.  (The carbohydrate I've been eating the most of these days has got to be my awesome Rosie's Best crackers, which I'll be listing in the Etsy store very soon.)

This sandwich is one that I've eaten myself and served to my mother and father while they were here helping fix up the wall in the kitchen.  It was met with universal approval and has reappeared in various forms on weeknights when we don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen but still want something satisfying that we can feel good about eating.

Begin with really good bread.  I got a potato loaf from the New Pioneer Coop.  I would not have picked up this loaf on my own, but I asked a baker for his recommendation and it turned out to be perfect.  (Thanks, Josh!)  Pick something that's soft enough to chew on but has a good crunch.  A loaf with a little sugar, be it in the form of honey or the potatoes in the bread I used, will get a really nice crunch when browned in the pan.

Coat the surface of the bread with some mayo (I use Vegenaise) and stone ground mustard.



Layer on the meat and cheese of your choice.  We had local sliced ham and pepperoni from Applegate farms.  (Though I'm rethinking these now reading the comments by the reviewers about the presence of corn.  Still on the hunt for good pepperoni!)  We used jack cheese.


Add some sliced apples.  We went to an orchard a few weeks ago and have had apples sitting in the crisper drawer ever since.  If you keep it humid in there, they'll do well for a while. Pick a firm apple and slice it thinly.


Butter both sides and fry it up.DSC08899.JPG


You might have noticed that I put potato chips in my sandwich in these photos.  I can't help it.  I love the taste of salty, crunch chips on a sandwich.  Especially if they're salt and vinegar flavor.  We also cracked into the first jar of pickles to accompany these.  We made another variation by slicing the pickles and putting them on the sandwich, omitting the pepperoni, and adding more mustard to play on the idea of a Cuban.

This sandwich is great sliced and served with a cold beer,


or with a special bottle of red from your golden birthday.


I'll be back soon with more updates.  (To give you an indication as to where my mind is, I typed 'bake' instead of 'back' the first time.)

What are you eating for dinner these days?  Things have slowed down on the produce front, but we still have lots in the basement to inspire cooking.

Until next time, I'd love to hear about what you're cooking and eating these days.


Sustainable Eats said...

Oh man that looks good! I just fried up some potato chips tonight and was thinking these would be so good on a sammy! And my advice on the pepperoni is if you stuff it yourself from grass fed beef be sure your husband doesn't leave the utility room door open so your dog can eat it all. I'm sure she really enjoyed it though...

Alicia said...

Annette! Thank you for the advice :) and I'd like to try my hand at pepperoni making. Do you have any recipes you recommend? And pass my appreciation on to your husband for the cautionary tale. said...

Im still on the hunt for good pepperoni, too. If you find it, let me know!

Diana@Spain in Iowa said...

I'm still on the hunt myself, although I'll be doing some of my own curing soon. We'll see how that goes! If you find anything please pass it on. This sandwich looks amazing!

Yolanda said...

My mouth is watering. :)

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