Saturday, November 6, 2010

HELLO THERE! An Update with Ups and Downs

Hey readers!
Wowza. It has been some week.  For a moment I thought I was alone in my feeling that last week was quite possibly the longest one ever, but my students and friends seem to have had the same experience.  We're headed into the holidays, but not quite there yet.
Personally, I've experienced a few days filled with moments that were completely thrilling and others that had me in tears.  As you might have heard, opening a business, especially a business out of your home with yourself as the only employee, is a stressful experience.  One might question my timing, with October through December being the busy season in most businesses.  But, when things fall into place for me, I tend to try to listen and run with it, whether or not it corresponds with my plans.
So, last time I saw you I declared Rosie's Best open for business.  In that time, I've made significant progress, but the best is yet to come.
The good stuff:
Unrelated to the bakery, my beautiful niece finally arrived.  She was two and a half hours too late to be my birthday buddy, but I've fallen in love with her just the same.  She's pretty great.
DSC08997.JPGThis photo makes me so happy!


I threw a costume party to celebrate my birthday.  I did minimal food work but people still enjoyed carmel apples and hot spiced cider with rum.  That stuff takes almost no work but still feels special.  The guests are what make a party fun, right?
We also did a little light construction in the kitchen.
We drove to Des Moines where I finally got to meet the face behind the Stamps Family Farm, Danelle Stamps.  We purchased half a Berkshire that Danelle and her family raised.  Like our CSA, buying from Danelle gave us the privilege to eat ethically raised meat at a very reasonable price while also supporting a small (40 acre) local family farm.  This stuff is GOOD, and we got a freezer full.
This photo is from the botany class at our day at Ames in October, but I'm showing it to represent the completion of my education portion of the Master Gardener program.  I'm done with my learning hours for this year and am now an intern!  In the next year, I'll do at least 40 hours of volunteer work gardening in the community and then I'll become an official Master Gardener.  We're headed right into the inactive part of the gardening season, but I'm thankful for the time to process all the information I've been exposed to in the last two months.
I also have been building up our collection of fall vegetables.  This is what we've got put up for the winter.  We've got jars of tomatoes, jars of pickles, and beets and beans, some from last year.
Lots of squash and potatoes.  Some of these came from the market and others came from a friend.  These will get spread out on the floor for good circulation to stay cool, and well check them often for rotting.
I traded that friend some kale for that squash and THESE, which I can't wait to dig in to.
I'm thinking pie and chutney.
I also managed to squeeze in a photo session with my dog, because he's unbelievably handsome and constantly puts himself in great lighting.
These have all been pretty big ups.  I've also had some big ups with the business this week.  Your response, readers, was so important to me.  Thank you for being here and supporting me!
My heath inspector from Johnson County, Bruce, came by and wrote up my final approval for the business, stating that we're in compliance with the code and good to go.
One down I've experienced with the business is the sad fact that I will not be at the New Pioneer Coop's sample fair this weekend.  For reasons beyond all of our control it just isn't going to happen.
But!  The major up as a result of this down is that not only will I be carried at the Coop soon, but we've also discussed setting up a sampling event just for me.
I can't wait for you guys to taste what I have to offer.  The Esty store is up and will be better very soon.  In fact, I'm off to bake the day away, and I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.  (The husband is cooking dinner, which makes it even better.)
I hope this list helps you see why I haven't been blogging!  But I'll be back again soon with lots more updates about gardening, cooking, baking, and life.  I have a quick and delicious sandwich to share with you soon.  It's been keeping me fed on the nights when I can't find a spare moment to cook.  Until then, take care and enjoy this warm weekend of fall sun!


desmoinesdem said...

Holy cow, you have been busy! Good luck getting the new business going.

Diana@Spain in Iowa said...

So great to hear your updates Alicia! Good Luck with the new business, I can't wait to get over there and try some of your baked goods!

Molly Jean said...

Great update! You little one is just adorable...

Amanda said...

Congrats on your new niece! And on your business!

Alicia said...

Thanks everybody!
Oh, desmoinesdem you reminded me that I also managed to VOTE!

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