Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Big Day and a Big Annoucement

Today, October 27th, I turn 27 years old.
I had a family dinner on Monday, where we celebrated a new baby that's coming (hopefully today so I can have a birthday buddy!)
DSC08852.JPGThe nephew tried to coax the baby out with sweet talk.
In 2007, I turned 24.  Between then and now, I've managed to reach some major milestones.
I got married.
I graduated with my master's degree.
I bought a home.
I adopted the best dog ever.
Today, I'd like to add another item to that big list.  See, for my birthday, I also got a little bling.
Today, I'm starting a business.

I'm Alicia Rose, owner and head baker at Rosie's Best, a fully licensed and insured home bakery.

More information about me:
I'm a home baker and take passion in finding and developing recipes that meet my high nutrition and taste standards. I've baked with my mother since I could stand, and the women in my family gather each winter to bake together and learn from each other.  I want to share my food with all of you, and they are the ones who have given me the confidence and know how to do so.
About the ingredients:
I'm picky.  In our products, you'll never find
  • bleached white flour
  • refined sugars, including high fructose corn syrup
  • hydrogenated oils
  • artificial flavors or colors
  • artificial preservatives
Basically, you will only find ingredients you can understand and pronounce.
You can count on
  • locally sourced flours and whole grains from Paul's Grains in Laurel, Iowa
  • locally raised butter and lard from ethically raised animals
  • local honey
  • superfoods like chia and pumpkin seeds
  • organics when available
About the products:
At Rosie's Best, we offer a range of baked goods from everyday crackers and granola to indulgent cookies, breads, and cakes.
  • Vegan and low-sugar alternatives.
  • A standard menu available all year, customizable to your needs and preferences
  • Seasonal specials to celebrate abundant ingredients at the peak of their quality.
Essentially, I bake the way you would if you had the time, interest, and resources to do so.  I will only sell you things that I would eat myself and feed to my family.
So, where can you find Rosie's Best?
Today, you can find me here on Etsy.  You can also find me at, which will soon become

If you want to meet me and sample some Rosie's Best products, including my gorgeous braided cranberry walnut loaf, I'd like to invite you to the New Pioneer's Taste of Home Sample Fair on Sunday, November 7th at the Coralville location from 11-3 p.m.  I would love to meet you and let you try some of my products.


Tracy P said...

Congratulations! This is so awesome and such a great step forward! Look forward to ordering some tasty vittles!

Maggie said...

Yay, Rosie's Best! Welcome to Small Businessland! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Saturday is November 6th - but, still sounds exciting!

Karrey said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations, Alicia!

Alicia said...

whoops, thanks Anon! I fixed it to Sunday the 7th. :) Come out and say hi!

Sarah said...

Alicia! This post brought me to happy tears! You are such an amazing woman and I am so happy that you are pursuing something that you are so passionate about. Congratulations!

Amy said...

Way cool! Congrats

Kelsey said...


Krystal R. said...

Congrats!!! said...

That is just so amazing. Congrats. That is definitely my kind of bakery.

Magdalena said...

Happy B-day! And good luck with everything.... Seems like you doing pretty well... Greetings from Chicago

Carrie Shoop said...

OMG this is so exciting. I, of course, am referring to the picture of the DC onesie.

But in all seriousness: you rule, your food rules, and I'm very proud of you :)

Lara Alexander said...

That is so wonderful. Good luck in your new business venture!

Diana@Spain in Iowa said...

Alicia, I'm crying! This is so wonderful and I wish you all the best in this delicious endeavor!



Diana@Spain in Iowa said...

By the way, what a BEAUTIFUL bride! You are gorgeous Alicia, inside and out!

Sustainable Eats said...

Alicia congratulations! Wish I could come peruse your cases. How fun that you can do it from your own home in Iowa! In Washington state you have to have a licensed commercial kitchen to prepare anything for sale and the requirements are very stringent: dedicated bathroom, 3 part sink, dedicated area so not your own kitchen, etc. I wanted to start a home based creamery but no dice. I'm so glad you can fulfill your dream though!

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