Thursday, September 2, 2010

Give a Homemade Gift: Red Velvet Cake in a Jar

A couple weeks ago I helped throw a baby shower for my older sister, who is welcoming a baby this fall.  I made some cupcakes for the party and decorated them with chocolate butterflies for the garden-themed shower.

Isn't she cute?

Because my sister is just that good, she prepared a wonderful thank-you gift for me in the form of red velvet cake in a jar.  I savored every scoop of it and decided it's the perfect way to give a gift without spending much money or creating much waste.  In fact, the jar she gave it to me in has been repurposed for canning. 
I thought I'd pass along this idea so you can give simple gifts that are both delicious and beautiful.

Begin with your favorite cake recipe and cook it in cupcakes.  She used this one, but you can use any cake recipe you like, being sure to watch out for too much dye. 

Cut each cupcake into a top half and bottom half.  Then, simply layer the cupcake with frosting and fresh strawberries. 

Simple but perfect.  Giving food as gifts is a favorite of mine, and here are some previous posts about projects I've done.
Cranberry Clementine Marmalade
Apple Butter and Preserved Lemons

Until next time, gift some food to somebody you love!

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