Monday, August 23, 2010

Super Saturday, and a Special Summer Supper

I am writing this post to commemorate what will go down as one of the most perfect Saturday's in my personal history.  Since it's summer, my weekends tend to be jam packed with friends, family, and food.  This weekend was a rare opportunity for me to have a whole day to myself and I was determined from the start to make the most of it by squeezing in all the fun stuff I love to do but don't always make time for.  Combined with a little luck, this Saturday helped me begin this fall semester relaxed and refreshed.

We started the day off right by walking to a local bakery to get iced coffees and pastry.  After we picked out our food and getting our drinks, we went to pay the cashier.  She looked at us in an odd way, turned her hand up at my debit card and said, "oh, no. You're good".  I was more than a little confused to find out the woman in line before us had paid for our meal.

Nothin' like the kindness of a stranger to put a little spring in your step!  The hubs and I walked off to another of my favorite things: a garage sale.

After the sale we biked downtown to enjoy a little Sand in the City and some mediocre street food.  We had a nice little nap before I ran to my favorite Goodwill, where I lucked into two gorgeous skirts and a plethora of designer flats, in my size, in perfect condition.  These are the Jeffrey Campbell bow flats, which I expect to wear to death, and is not to mention the Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, and Lulu Gunniess pairs I also snagged.

After my exciting thrift trip, I came home to start a laborious but simple dinner of homemade pasta and tomato sauce made entirely from the garden with a little CSA squash on the side.  While there were a lot of steps involved, each one was easy and prep work is its own special kind of relaxing.  Since I'm trying to continue my self-indulgent streak, no recipes, just photos.

It was pretty much perfect.  
Have you had any perfect days recently?  Any strokes of luck?  When times are bad and it's finals season this winter, I plan to return to this post to warm myself up a bit.


Ally @ Sweet & Savory said...

What a great day you had! And what a nice woman to pay for your meal....I wish there were more people in the world like that!

Linda said...

My local Goodwills seem to be the outlet for Target goods these days. How lucky you are to find such a great haul of shoes!

Linda said...

teehee...just noticed the pasta slurping in the last picture. too cute!

Alicia said...

Ally, I am going to pass it on sometime. It really set my day off to a great start!
Linda, husbands are the best blog props, aren't they? ;)

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