Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Summer Cocktail and Announcing Simple Lives Thursday

I hope this post finds you well and cool.  Iowa has been in that heatwave that hit the rest of the country last week.  I'm contemplating a kiddie pool for the backyard, but until then I have been turning to adult beverages to cool us off.  We drink beer a lot of good beer. Sam Adams and Fat Tire are two great basics that are available in most places.  If you want to get a little fancier we really like the India Pale Ale from Two Hearted, and the sampler pack from Unibroue is a great buy if you want to try out some higher-alcohol brews.

These beers do great with food and are fun to drink, but sometimes I want a change of pace.  Yesterday I wanted something fancy and girly to accompany the gorgeous baby shower invitations I was about to spend hours (literally) putting together.  I wanted something tart and cool, and definitely not cloyingly sweet like most pink drinks.

I had the last of the fresh raspberries from the backyard, so I knew I wanted them macerated into the bottom of a glass.  We found some raspberry vodka and decided limeade would make for a great pairing of tart to sweet.

If you're really good you'll make your own limeade, but I'm fine with pre-made ones like Simply Limeade which just contains water, lime juice, sugar, and natural flavors.  Avoid the stuff in the freezer section, which is largely high fructose corn syrup and coloring agents.

Use a chilled martini glass, and keep a little ice in it while you mix your drink.

In a large glass or cocktail shaker, combine
1 part raspberry vodka
3 parts limeade 

Stir or shake.
Dump the ice and crush 3-5 fresh raspberries in the bottom of your martini glass.
Strain the mix into the fresh raspberries, stirring to combine.  Top with two fresh berries.

Needless to say, my otherwise mundane task became a pleasure with this by my side.

Finally, I'm so excited and honored to announce a new bloggy event that I'm participating in, Simple Lives Thursday.  It's a blog hop which I'll be hosting with three bright and thrifty other bloggers.  First, let me explain what a blog hop is and why it's so cool:
I write a post about something related to the topic.
In this case, our topic is simple lives: consume less, produce more.  So I'll be writing about everything from food to garden to household management.
The most important part of a blog hop is where you come in.  We want you to share your posts about recipes and practices that make your life simpler.  Your post will be shared across all four blogs, so everyone can be fully involved in the conversation.
I'm going to let Diana, from A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa, one of the three other hosting blogs, explain the technical side of the blog hop:

"So, how does it work?

Simple!  Every Thursday, you link up one of your posts that relates to living simply to one of the four hosting blogs.
A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa 
Sustainable Eats
Culinary Bliss

We will have a McLinky posted underneath our own Living Simply Thursday post.  All you need to do is add your post url (not your home url), insert an image and a thumbnail of your post will be displayed across all four blogs!  How AWESOME is that!  More people to view what you are doing to create change!!

A great example of a fabulous blog hop is the Two for Tuesdays, Real Food blog hop.  Check it out and you'll see how your Living Simply Thursday posts will be displayed.

The only thing that we ask is that at the end of your blog post, please include a link to this introduction post.  You can include a text link or use my Simple Lives Thursday Badge by grabbing the code below.  Each of the four blogs has their own badge that you can use!"

I'm flattered to be in such company as the other blogs mentioned, and I am looking forward learning from each of them and their unique audiences.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first Simple Lives Thursday post!  Please join me!

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