Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spring to Summer: Gardens, Vegetables, a Taco Truck, and Softserve in Minutes

Hello there!

A universal truth about Iowans, and midwesterners in general, is that we're almost always content to discuss the weather.  This is, in part, because the weather has a habit of changing every few minutes, and changing to great extremes. 

We've been dealing with an extreme amount of rain lately, so much so that it's been causing flash flooding, which has everybody on edge given that we're not too far from the floods two years ago.
Back then, my back yard was just grass, and it looked like this.

This year, I have two large plots filled with fragile small plants, and it looks like this.

Luckily the tomatoes show no signs of blight, and everything is coming up slowly but surely.  Some things are zipping right along, including the tomatoes. (This photo was taken five days ago and they're already above the tops of the cages.)

The pole beans are very happily twisting around last year's tomato stakes.

We've even got a couple snap peas!

These guys are pumping out berries, which we've been harvesting rain or shine.

And eating them with eggs and yogurt from market and Kalona, coffee from Cafe Del Sol, and my own granola.  Oh, and some savory from the last share.

The yard is finally starting to put out food, and we are so ready.  Unfortunately, somebody has been eating my kale!  Luckily I've been getting more than my share of greens.

We recently found a really great little taco cart, La Michoacana.  Their tacos are excellent and cheap, and their business card has a somewhat adorable misspelling.  

Last week, we got our most recent share from ZJ Farms, which included tons more greens, spring onions, kohlrabi, and two tiny beets and turnips.  It's been a rough spring, but we are proud to be able to support this farm, because that's what community supported agriculture is all about. 

I've also been doing a lot of fun food-related reading.

Finally, I have to share this "recipe" for soft serve.  Peel and chop a banana, and put it in the freezer. Once it's frozen solid, take it out and put it in your food processor along with any fruit you like, fresh or frozen.  It will roughly chop at first, and your processor might jump around a bit, but if you keep going, in a few minutes the banana will whip up and become creamy and fluffy.  It really has a mouth feel similar to that of soft serve ice cream, see?

So good. 

We pick up our next share tomorrow and I promise to blog about it sooner, and to give updated pictures of the garden.  I'm slowly trying to get caught back up on my flickr 365, so I'll send you back there soon.

Until then, take care, and think dry thoughts.


Linda said...

Your yard looks like a fabulous place for gatherings, even with the soggy patches this year. In the Bay Area, it's hard to come across a home with such a large yard to roam.

Diana@Spain In Iowa said...

I am so ready for this rain to be done! Your tomatoes looks great and I love the raised bed they're in. Here's to dry weather :D

Liz Smith said...

Oh you are so good. I am all over the banana "soft serve" idea! Thank you for sharing!!

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