Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yoga Pose May: Plank Pose and The Best of Early Market

Today is the day I get to feature a yoga pose for Yoga Pose May, organized by Tina from Carrots 'N' Cake and Kate from What Kate Ate.  Check out the project's page here.

My pose is plank pose, and I'm very happy to feature it because I think it's exemplary of what I love about yoga.  This pose isn't difficult to get into, but it's difficult to stay in for long.  It tests strength and balance and is a great pose to transition in and out of.  (In the basic sun salutation, we move from a forward bend into a plank pose before lowering ourselves to the floor and moving into upward facing dog.)

My living room is my yoga studio.  Some nights I close the curtains and have lowish light, but it's also lovely during the day with full sun streaming through the windows.  Either way I have to share the room with my dog.  Here's my plank!

I recommend the following posture after every practice.

We've had three markets so far this season and they've been full of all the things we expect from early market season: lettuce, sprouts, asparagus, leeks, herbs, and rhubarb.  Yum.

 Three other lovely bloggers have also covered plank pose today, so check out Carrie, Brittany, and Katie.

If you need ideas for asparagus, leeks, or dill, click those links for some old recipes.  If you're lucky enough to have fresh peas around, you should be cooking with those too!  It's finally market season so get out there and enjoy it!


kate said...

I love plank & your after plank-posture! We have got to get to a yoga class soon! I also need to get my butt to the farmers market on Wednesday. My Saturdays have been filled with classes & work!

Deconstructed Life said...

Ah, the plank. We also do it during pilates class sometimes. I understand about the difficulties in holding the pose!

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope to see you again soon!

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