Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project Lunch: Friday: Pita Pizza and a Local Knife

The final day of Project Lunch is here!  Doing this project has been exciting and challenging.  I think that preparing healthy and inexpensive meals for your family can be both rewarding and fun, and argue that it is always worthwhile.

Today's lunch was also thrown together with what was on hand.  While it looks (and tastes!) like a lot of cheese, I'd say each small pizza, on half a whole wheat pita, has between 1/4 and 1/3 of cheese.  I used jack and extra sharp cheddar.

Split the pita into two halves.  I started with Smitten Kitchen's pita recipe and made it whole wheat. I didn't execute it well enough to make them puff, but they were delicious anyway.
You could buy pitas if you find a trusted source, but I recommend trying to make them because they're a very simple recipe, and could even be done with children.

I used this salsa instead of pizza sauce because I usually keep organic salsa on hand.  Tomatoes are high on my list of things to buy organic, and it's easy to find good quality salsa in glass jars for a reasonable price.  I paid $3.50 for this one and it's well worth it.

One pita got spinach and the other got ham from yesterday's sandwiches.  I always bake pizza at the hottest my oven will go: 500.

Once they were cooled I sliced them up with this knife from the Amana Colonies.

It will be a fitting end to a delicious week.  Have an excellent weekend, and happy lunching!

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Caitlin said...

yay amana colonies! i loved your project alicia :)

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