Friday, January 15, 2010

Quickie Post: My New Knife!

Hey folks! I apologize for the lack of a real post, but it's testing season and I've got a good post coming.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you the knife I just purchased!

I bought an 8" chef's knife from Forschner by Victorinox with a rosewood handle.  You may have heard of this knife from its fantastic review in Cook's Illustrated, who deemed it a 'best buy' for its performance and value.  I found this review, which which is actually a compilation of reviews from both subscription and free sites.  (It includes a review from a site I love, Cooking for Engineers)  It's a stamped, rather than forged blade, (read about the difference here) which means it's a little lighter, but a LOT cheaper.  This knife set me back $30.

I'll need to hone the blade often, and plan to learn how to use a stone to keep it sharp myself.  (Thanks for recommendations for both from Chef Friese.  You can read his great piece on the subject of knives on this really cool website, Nourish Network.)

While I was ill-advised to buy a knife without having held it in my hand, I've been entirely pleased with the Forschner's fit for me and performence so far.  Assuming the handle holds up, I see this knife serving me well.  Here it is with onions and garlic.  (This is my 365 photo for today, too. Did you know there's even a 365 pool just for food bloggers?!)

Having a sharp knife to work with makes every cooking job easier, faster, and most importantly, SAFER!

So, until next time, do you have a knife you love?  Hate?  Do you pay to have yours sharpened, or do it yourself?

Take heart!  The days are getting longer and spring is coming!  

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Lia Huber - Nourish Network said...

Gorgeous knife! I'm glad we could help you out. :-)

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