Saturday, October 10, 2009

Community Food Security Conference Preparations and a Dinner Before

Greetings from Iowa's capitol!
I'm here in lovely Des Moines, gearing up for the Community Food Security Conference.
We left Iowa City this morning to quite a surprise: SNOW!

Yikes!  Thankfully the weather cleared up nicely for our short drive to the capitol city and we arrived in full sunshine.
The weather before this weekend was gorgeous, and we got some beautiful onions from the garden this week.

We began the weekend with a pair of friends, who have kindly let us set up camp in their spare bedroom for the weekend.  Rae and I quickly prepared a glorious dinner of roasted local veggies, grilled pork tenderloin, homemade crackers, baguette, a salad, and at least three kinds of cheese.  The food and company were equally enjoyable.  :)

Thank you, Ben and Rae, for your hospitality!
(As you may be able to tell from the quality of these photos, I've swapped my nice SLR for my compact Canon point and shoot.)

The conference begins for me tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and runs all day.  I'll be tweeting (:P) live all day @culinarybliss, so feel free to follow my tweets, and I plan to blog Sunday and Monday nights about how things are going.  (Monday might be a late night, so it might have to wait until Tuesday.  We'll see.)  

I have some very interesting interviews and sessions to share, so please keep in touch here and on twitter, and let me know any questions or comments you have!

Enjoy your weekend and the changing season!


wendypchef said...

Sounds like a great conference! Keep us updated!

Willa said...

I have purposefully avoided twitter and looking at it today was overwhelming. I just don't get it but I am excited to hear what you think, learned and who you met. Are any student or faculty from Grinnell there?

Alicia said...

Twitter has its place, and this conference is a pretty good use for it. It was pretty hilarious to be watching people's tweets and then realizing they are in the same room as you. One person told me I needed to write my twitter name on my name tag, like I should have known or something.
It was really great, and I met a lot of very interesting and inspiring people. I'm working on a quick blog post now, and have a ton of work ahead of me. I have around 5 interviews from today (one probably too noisy :() and hope to have a few more tomorrow.
There are some Grinnellions! I haven't met any yet, but I plan to seek some out tomorrow when I have a little more free time.

Craig said...

Hey, Benny's wearin' my tee shirt!

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