Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Food

Dear readers, since I spoke to you last, a big change has taken place in my family. We have taken on an added responsibility that promises to occupy more of our time in the future, but we couldn't be more excited about the experience. Things are a little touchy since it's early, but we're cautiously optimistic that the endeavor will bring us closer.

You guessed it.....

I'm a plant mommy!

Look at these little guys!

(get it, baby food)

Member those seeds a little while ago? Now they're baby plants!

Things aren't totally rosy just yet. The radishes are a do-over I think, which isn't too bad since they come up very quickly.

The well-behaved children still living include kale-

Some maters (the gz is for green zeebra)

And red and yellow onions. (these are supposed to be good keepers.)

I've been trying to take good care of them by watering a couple times a day, 16 hours of sun, a little miracle grow, and lots of love.

We shall see if they survive.

Now how about some food?

You might not know it, but I am a heck of a bread baker. (Ok if you read this maybe you do.) I was assigned a minor role in this year's Easter production: rolls. I grabbed a basic recipe and cranked out a batch in no time. It occured to me that the hard part of making bread isn't really the mixing of the ingredients, but more the stuff that comes after, dealing with the dough. So I thought I'd give you a brief rundown of how to go from a puffy bowl-full of good to round smooth little pillows.

Start with your dough. This is after a doubling in size, after you've initially mixed and kneaded it.

Flop it on to the counter.

Cut it into a few pieces with one of these

Now take that little piece and find the biggest flat spot.

Pull back on that flat part like you're stretching the cover of a drum.

Keep pulling it back on itself and bunching it up onto itself.

Now comes the strange part. Take this ball, put it on the counter, and cup it with your palm. Then, rotate your hand while cupped in a circular motion. The bottom of the ball should stick to the surface and start to turn on itself.

This should give you a smoother bottom.

Put it on a pan, let it proof for a little while, bake it, and voila. Rolls!

Hey look, eggs with grandma! :)

I am enjoying all the green around. Happy Spring!


Molly Jean said...

Your plants look great! Mine all crapped out after I transplanted them :(

brannyboilsover said...

Lol at your plant-momma comment! My H does the gardening round here so I'm going to pass this post onto him.

Joelen said...

I'm jealous of your green thumb as I have a black thumb like you've never seen! lol!

Scoop said...

Chuckling to pieces over your intro. That's a clever one! Sending you "baby dust" for those plantlings to grow up nice, strong and abundant!

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