Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Breakfast

My breakfast during the week can be pretty boring. I usually eat oatmeal with currants and pumpkin stirred in, inspired by this super-healthy blogger. It's fast, and it sticks to your ribs. But on the weekends I have a little more time to be in the kitchen, so I like to make some breakfasts that are still simple and quick, but a little more indulgent. This is one of those breakfasts.

I start with toast from bread that I like to make and keep on hand. The recipe comes, of course, from Peter Reinhart. It makes pretty great toast because it has honey, brown sugar, and brown rice in it, so it gets nice a crunchy but still a little chewy.

Then I fry an egg. I am very VERY serious about my fried eggs. I learned a great trick from AB for keeping them in shape. First, crack your egg into a small bowl. (FYI, eggs are best used at room temperature, so take them out of the fridge a bit before you plan to use them. This is a must for baking, but it's helpful when cooking them on the stove top, too.) Get your non-stick pan hot (medium. and yes I'm using non-stick. I only use it for eggs and try to keep the temperature low.) with a little oil. Then lift then handle of the pan a couple inches and drop the egg into the corner of the pan so it pools up into a nice little package. Once the white starts to set around the edges, drop the handle and scoot the egg into the flat part of the pan. Like this-

See how it's nice and little? That's your best insurance against a broken yolk. (God forbid.)

Season with salt and pepper, flip gently, and hope for the best. This is the kind of skill that you just have to learn by doing. If you break the yolk, just cook it and eat it anyway, it'll be fine, but not nearly as good, in my humble opinion. Cook on the other side for just a minute, and season it, too.

Now, you could do just about anything with a good fried egg and it'll make breakfast magic. If you cooked bacon in the pan first (and used the bacon fat to fry the egg of course) you could just throw together it all together with toast. I also really like a fried egg on top of grits if you're feeling southern. The French throw it on a grilled sandwich and call it a croque madame, which I've heard attributed to the fact that the egg resembles a breast. The Koreans sometimes use them in bimbimbap, since most Americans aren't interested in eating a raw egg yolk.

Me, I like it with toast, cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

Lame photo that shows the construction.

Drool-worthy photo

Now this is, of course, great with coffee. But if you're feeling REALLY indulgent, do like me and have it with a mimosa with some of those raspberries from the freezer. :)

Next breakfast, biscuits and gravy!! YUM.

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Joelen said...

mmm... The droolworthy shot definitely droolworthy! Looks like a fab breakfast to wake up to!

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